T R Sham Bhat

T R Sham Bhat


SUN | 18 NOV Remembered Village – Nenapina Halli

12 PM – 1 PM Angana


T. R. Sham Bhat is the translator of Prof. M N Srinivas’ Magnum Opus ‘The Remembered Village’ as ‘Nenapina Halli’ in Kannada. Born in a poor family Mr. Sham Bhat accomplished most part of his education while working at different levels. His passion for English and Kannada literature led him to write many short stories and poems. He also worked as a translator for USSR and USA consulates and worked as a journalist for a local newspaper. Shri Sham Bhat’s everlasting zeal for learning pushed him to pursue MA & M Phil in Sociology which earned him a professor’s job and later he retired as a principal of Acharya Pathashala, Bangalore. He fondly remembers the encouragement and guidance given by Prof. Srinivas for his academic pursuits.