Padma Shriram

Padma Shriram


SUN | 18 NOV Remembered Village – Nenapina Halli

12 PM – 1 PM Angana


Padma Shriram – She is an agriculturist and a housewife. A postgraduate in Botany, Smt. Padma Shriram writes articles in Kannada on science and plant life and also writes short stories, essays, and places of interest. Her contribution on plant life to a monthly magazine ‘Mayura’ has been published as a book called ‘Gida Ganteya Koralu’. She has also translated a Tamil novel by Miss Bama, ‘Sangathi’, to Kannada. Padma Shriram is a well-known name to Mysuru Akashavani listeners as a regular speaker on topics of general interest. She has also contributed to the ‘Encyclopedia on Botany’ to be published by University of Mysore.