Author Meets

Days of Gold and Sepia - Yasmeen Premji

Life of Lalji Lakha from a village in Kutch to his success in Mumbai, the book enthrals you. But what made it even more special is the beautiful lilting voice of Yasmeen Premji who read out a few passages! Simple and eloquent, the book is worth a read! “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Mary Angelou!
Being an epitome of simplicity, Yasmeen endeared herself immensely to all who were present that morning.

Kanna Muchche Kaade Goode - B Jayashree

Magnificent presence of grand daughter of the legendary Gubbi Veeranna, B Jayashree, coupled with the mesmerizing voice of this noted theatre personality, swept the audience at the reading of her biography, written by journalist Preethi Nagaraj. She candidly recalled her experiences at NSD and what a struggle it was for her as a woman performing on stage. Times are changing and women theatre artistes are getting their due, she opined. Her quick wit sent the listeners into peals of laughter while her scintillating rendition of songs from her plays swept many of their feet!

Remembering Chaduranga.

The audiences were taken back to yesteryears of Chaduranga as Cha. Sarvamangala effortlessly took them down the memory lane of the initial years of her literary journey under his guidance. Later other speakers spoke about Chaduranga’s humanitarian approach in his writings while addressing social problems and subtle ways of dealing with them. Celebrating his centenary year’s birth anniversary with litterateurs like Devanooru Mahadeva, his son Vikramraje Urs and daughter in law Vijayalaxmi Urs at the writer’s paradise Dhvanyaloka was even more meaningful.

A story that has no promise of a happy ending. How can an autobiography detailing the progression of a rare genetic disorder be anything but dark?!

‘Lights Out” by L.Subramani was book of the month in February 2018. His interaction with book clubbers & general public as part of the Authors Meet event, was bright, and he served the dish sunny side up. He revealed himself to be a man who overcame the raw deal handed by fate, through sheer courage emboldened by an indomitable spirit. His never say die attitude shone like a beacon, inspiring the audience and winning him admirers aplenty.

Tete with Jayanth Kaikini

Noted Poet, author, lyricist Jayanth Kaikini spent an invigorating morning with the members of Kannada Odugara Okkuta, Mysuru Book Clubs – 2015 He stressed on the importance of reading literature and rued that gymnasiums are taking over libraries! He charmed the audience with his simplicity and ever present smile!

"The Missing Queen" - Sita of Ramayan.

When the interaction began, did reality dawn, that it was a very well researched book, all characters in shades of grey, with no scope for any one hero or heroine. The authoress and the book send a strong message of feminist intentions. Samhita’s frank sharing of unpleasant growing up incidents, made for interesting listening. Growing up in Pakistan, singing their national anthem, coming back to motherland without knowing its national anthem, making the little girl a stranger among her school mates. This situation traumatized her and touched our hearts.

Kannada Kasthuri Oodugara Okkuta - Aryamba Pattabhi and Sarva Mangalabai with Trustee Vinaya Prabhavathy

The new Kannada Kasthuri Odugara Okkuta was inaugurated by two women who are giants in the field of Kannada Literature. On this occasion they stressed the importance of education for women. Educated women make for an educated nation. When one speaks their mother tongue at home, the language continues to live. Speaking to the members they urged more and more people to speak Kannada!

History retold - Aroon Raman

Aroon Raman’s talent as a storyteller extends beyond the thrillers that he writes. Narrating a historical tale of political intrigue, power games, deceit, cruelty and deep love in 17th century Hindustan,he wove a spell as only a gifted artiste can. Emperor Jehangir’s eldest born Khusrau’s life may not have interested many historians, but Aroon brought alive a bitter-sweet snippet that moved the listeners of ‘Crime and Punishment :A tale from Mughul India. Who ever said history is boring, hasn’t listened to Aroon Raman.

A morning with Sudha Murty

A woman of substance – she lives the meaning of this sentence. She smiled, laughed and spoke with authority! She spoke with her heart! Mrs. Sudha Murty agreed to join us on 12th October, 2018! She swept the audience with her candour, her honesty and her warm personality! She set the tone for our “Mysuru Literature Festival – 2018” with her presence!