NA Someswar

Dr. Na. Someswar

Dr. N. Someswara is a medical professional and a passionate author. He has authored 60 books covering various aspects of medicine and has written multiple articles on health and medicine in various journals.
Dr. Someswara has been honoured with the Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award twice for his books “Baduku Needuva Badali Jodane” (2001) and “Kaliyugada Sanjivini – Hokkalu BaLLi” (2017). In 2021, he was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award for Science Communication by the Karnataka Science and Technology Department, Government of Karnataka.
Additionally, Dr. Someswara is the esteemed host of the Quiz show “Thatt Antha Heli,” which entered the Limca Book of Records in 2012 as India’s longest-running television quiz show. In 2019, Dr. Someswara was honoured with the Karnataka Rajyotsava Award.