Arun Krishnan

Dr. Arun Krishnan

Dr. Arun Krishnan has studied and lived in different cities across India, USA, Singapore, and Japan, before putting down roots in Bangalore. He started with a degree in engineering and a doctorate and went on to work in IT, high-performance computing, bioinformatics, computational biology, and HR analytics. He has worked at various corporations, research institutes, and academia as an Assistant Professor of Computational Biology. And then, to shake things up, Arun went for an MBA and turned entrepreneur. Arun currently works in the IT industry as a leader in the Analytics and AI space.

He is a polyglot and is conversant in Tamil, English, Hindi, Bengali, Japanese, and Kannada. He loves to sing and plays the guitar, keyboard, and percussion instruments. He is also an amateur historian and enjoys visiting historical places. At the same time, he has over fifty articles in journals, conferences, and book chapters.