Yamini Muthanna

Yamini Muthanna

24 JULY | 5:45 PM – 6:30 PM

GARDENIA, Southern Star, Mysuru

Yamini Muthanna is a Bengaluru-based Yoga Acharya and Natya Acharya who had been running an exclusive studio, where she promotes the learning of Indian Classical Dance Bharatnatyam and Yoga ever since 2001. The Studio attracts students from all over the world. Yamini is an ardent practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga since 1986 and her expertise is blessed by her revered Guru Yoga Visharad Shri BNS Iyengar of Mysore.

Yamini has published 2 books so far out of which her first book The Power of Yoga is now an international best seller and is marked the No. 1 reference book for research scholars of Yoga studies. It has been translated into many foreign languages. Her second book is now being launched as an exclusive book for children.

Yamini has directed and scripted 26 episodes called “Yogabhyas” on National TV – Prasar Bharati – Doordarshan, which is relayed even today in different Indian regional languages every morning. She also has scripted and conducted Yoga Fitness episodes on Tatasky active fitness and Disney Hotstar TV channels which are still being aired. Yamini also features in the Yoga Film, directed and produced by Andrew Eppler of the United States.

Yamini has travelled to many countries around the world conducting workshops and seminars on Yoga and Dance. She has travelled many times as a Cultural Ambassador, appointed by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture to spread our Nation’s heritage and glory around the world. Yamini is an Empanelled Artist of Dance and Yoga under the established category and is recognised as a Grade “A” artist by the culture committee of Doordarshan.

Yamini hails from the district of Kodagu in Karnataka. She is a postgraduate in English Literature from Mysore University. Her articles on therapeutic Yoga have been featured in many magazines and journals. Yamini proudly believes and propagates the Ancient values and systems and feels that our traditions are rich and valuable to the entire world.