Sanjay Gubbi

Dr. Sanjay Gubbi

24 JULY | 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

JYOTHI HALL, Southern Star, Mysuru

Dr. Sanjay Gubbi is a leading name in the field of wildlife conservation and research in the country. His name became a household talk when he was seriously injured by a leopard at a school in Whitefield, Bangalore while he was helping authorities to capture the leopard to ensure the safety of the children and others, and also to safeguard the safe passage of the animal. With a doctorate in leopard ecology and conservation, he is perhaps the only researcher who has experienced first-hand, the terrified fury of a leopard hemmed in by people.


Sanjay is the recipient of the Whitley Award -popularly called the Green Oscars, in 2019 he was awarded The Co-Existence Award by Prince Charles, he was listed as one among the ‘25 Tomorrow’s Leaders’ by Times of India and is a recipient of several other honors in recognition of his contributions to save wildlife.


Sanjay works with a wide cross-section of people, including policymakers, media, and social leaders, which is a unique part of his work. He encourages and cultivates young conservation enthusiasts and researchers to ensure the broader and long-term sustenance of their work.


He writes extensively in English and Kannada and is especially keen on popularising wildlife conservation in local languages. Sanjay is the author of Leopard Diaries: The Rosette in India and Second Nature: Saving Tiger Landscapes in the Twenty-First Century. His Kannada books Shaalege Banda Chirate matthu Itara Kathegalu, Vanyajeevigala Jaadu Hididu, and Vanyajeevigala Ramyaloka are all very popular.