Geetanjali Shree

Geetanjali Shree

23 JULY | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

JYOTHI HALL, Southern Star, Mysuru

Geetanjali Shree is the author of the novel Ret Samadhi which has been translated into French ( Ret Samadhi: Au-dela de la frontier) and English (Tomb of Sand). It was shortlisted for the Emile Guimet Prize and has won the International Booker award.

She has other acclaimed novels like Mai, Hamara Shahar us Baras, Tirohit and Khali
Jagah. She is known for her innovative use of language and structure. Her novels and stories have been translated into many Indian and foreign languages, including French, English and German, and her writings are part of course work in several universities abroad.

Geetanjali is also a founding member of a Delhi based theatre group, Vivadi, and works
on plays for them that are performed in India and abroad. She writes non-fiction in English and Hindi.